Information for examinees

Graduate school entrance examinations

Graduate school (Master’s programs) entrance examinations (August/February general admission)

The scope of the oral examination (individual interview and and questionnaire) is listed as follows



Differentiation, integration, series, differential equations, etc.

Linear algebra

Linear space, linear transformation, matrices, vectors, etc.

Physics (select one)


Point-mass dynamics, rigid-body dynamics, etc.


First and second laws of thermodynamics, free-energy formulations and general thermodynamic equations, etc.


Electrical charge, electrical field, magnetic field, electrical circuit, electromagnetic induction, etc.

To international students

The Degree Program in EME accepts foreign research students (Kenkyu-sei), who can later enroll as regular graduate students after taking entrance examinations. Note that visa requirement might apply for international students traveling to Japan to take examinations. For more information, please contact the Japanese embassy/consulate in your country.

Foreign research students (Kenkyu-sei)

Foreign research students are accepted to conduct research on a specific theme under the supervision of faculty members. Although they are not allowed to earn credits or degrees, they can audit courses available at the school with permission from their supervisors.

Applicants for this program must contact their desired faculty advisor to provide necessary information regarding their research plan and funding plan, and obtain his or her consent prior to submitting the application. To learn about how to contact faculty members, please go to the Faculty page of the homepage of EME.

After receiving consent from faculty advisor, applicants are required to submit application documents to the International Student Center. Application guidelines can be found here.

Regular graduate students

To learn about how to take entrance examinations, please go to the Admission page of the homepage of EME.

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