Space Development Engineering

Toshihiro Kameda – Ph.D (North Carolina State Univ.), Associate Professor

Major Solid mechanics, computational mechanics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering
Research Computational mechanics which covers mechanical behavior of inelastic and / or inhomogeneous materials. Linking molecular dynamics with finite element method, inverse analysis of materials with unknown constitutive relation.

亀田Dislocations in copper crystal simulated by molecular dynamics
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Hajime Sakakita (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) – Dr. Eng (Nagoya Univ.), Professor

Major Plasma physics and engineering
Research Researches on medical, aerospace, energy and environmental applications using plasma technologies.

Plasma jet under atmospheric pressure
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Kohei Shimamura – Dr.Sci (Univ. Tokyo), Assistant Professor

Major Aerospace engineering, Wireless power transfer
Research High temperature hydrodynamics with plasma and its applied research. Examples include thermo-aerodynamic design of deep space planetary probes such as Hayabusa, advanced propulsion (microwave transmission, microwave rocket), etc.

はやぶさカプセルの風洞試験Hayabusa Capsule Wind Tunnel Test
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Hiroyuki Sugita (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) – Dr. Eng (Kyoto Univ.), Professor

Hiroyuki Sugita
Major Thermal Engineering, Space Cryogenics
Research Research on active thermal control devices and efficient space cryocoolers for innovative spacecrafts.

Next-generation infrared space telescope SPICA with cryocoolers and effective radiative cooling system
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Makihito Nishioka – Dr.Eng (Nagoya Univ.), Professor

Makihito Nishioka - Dr.Eng (Nagoya Univ.), Professor
Major Combustion, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Research Research on stabilities of fundamental laminar flames, new combustion methods for ultra lean premixed gas, and for ultra low grade fuel.

Temperature distribution of CH4-N2 flame computed by numerical simulation with complex chemical reactions
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Takayasu Fujino – Dr.Eng (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Associate Professor

Major Plasma engineering, magneto-electric hydro engineering, applied physics
Research Research on Application of Magnetohydrodynamics and Plasmadynamics to Energy and Aerospace Engineering.

Temperature distribution of plasma surrounding a space shuttle
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Satoshi Matsumoto (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) – Dr.Eng (Toyo Univ.), Professor

Major Thermo-Fluid dynamics, Space Engineering
Research Study on thermo-fluid phenomena utilizing the International Space Station, Non-linear dynamics of levitating drop

Liquid bridge formed in the International Space Station (ISS)
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Tadahito Mizutani (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) – Dr. Sci (Univ. Tokyo), Associate Professor

Major Spacecraft structural design, structural health monitoring, optical fiber measurement, composite material engineering
Research Research on smart structure and structural health monitoring of spacecraft and spacecraft using precision measurement technology

Highly stable spacecraft structure that requires precision measurement technology (image of large-diameter space telescope)
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Shigeru Yokota – Ph.D.(Eng) (Univ. Tokyo), Associate Professor

Major Space propulsion, Plasma engineering
Research Advanced space propulsion systems, such as electric propulsion or laser propulsion.

Hall thruster in operation
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Energy and Environmentology

Hirohisa Aki – Ph. D(Eng) (Yokohama Nat. Univ.), Associate Professor

Major Energy eystems engineering, Power systems, Systems engineering
Research Power and energy systems: studies on demand-side oriented energy systems and development of integrated-distributed energy management systems.

integrated-distributed energy management systems
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Masayoshi Ishida – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tsukuba), Professor

Major Energy transfer engineering, electrical engineering
Research Development of high voltage insulation technique at high temperatures and high output generation systems using fuel cells are being studied to improve efficiency on energy conversion and transmission.

Fuel cell stack for development of new hydrogen process
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Tetsuya Kanagawa – Dr. Eng (Hokkaido Univ.), Assistant Professor

Major Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
Research Theoretical fluid physics, Nonlinear acoustics.

Two types of weakly nonlinear evolutions of acoustic waves in bubbly liquids
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Akiko Kaneko(Fujiwara) – Ph.D (Keio Univ.), Associate Professor

Major Fluid engineering, multi-phase flow, mechanical engineering
Research Study on multiphase flow based on the energy and environmental issue.

Fission of bubbles in venturi tube
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Harumichi Kyotoh – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tsukuba), Professor

Major Fluid mechanics, civil engineering
Research Water quality improvement due to micro-bubbles. Micro‐bubble producing devise. Wind wave control by a resonator. Underwater sound generated by bubbles. Instability of a falling liquid curtain.

Micro-bubble generator utilizing vortex breakdown phenomenon
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Hiroyuki Sato (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) – Dr. Eng (Tokyo. Inst. Tech.), Associate Professor

Major Nuclear system engineering, High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR), Nuclear Hydrogen Production
Research Researches on HTGR hydrogen electricity cogeneration systems, especially, researches on HTGR renewable hybrid energy systems and safety evaluation technology for coupling a H2 plant to a nuclear reactor

Demonstration of CO2-free Cogeneration of Hydrogen and Electricity using the HTTR: Japan’s first HTGR
E-mail sato.hiroyuki09***@jaea.go.jp (remove ***)

Biao Shen -Ph. D. (Eng.) (Shanghai Jiap Tong Univ., China), Assistant Professor

シェン ビャオ
Major Hear Transfer, Thermofluid Engineering
Research Research and development of high-efficiency boiling surface design based on direct control of bubble nucleation and growth.

High-speed image of bubble pinch-off from a wettability-patterned surface
E-mail shen.biao.fu***@u.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Naoki Shirakawa -Dr.Eng (Univ. Tokyo), Associate Professor

Major River engineering, civil engineering
Research River basin management with engineering and socio-economic approaches. Environmental flow, environmental economics, decision making process.

Field survay in a river
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Hao-Shen Zhou (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tokyo), Professor

Major Solid physics, energy materials, storage batteries
Research Development of storage battery technology

Lithium air battery
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Koji Dairaku – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tokyo), Associate Professor

Major Hydrometeorology, Environmental Disaster Resilience
Research Hydrometeorological hazard and risk information for climate change adaptation, Regional climate modelling, Probabilistic evaluation of multi-model ensemble simulations.

Multi-model regional climate simulations
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Toru Takahashi – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tsukuba), Assistant Professor

Major Power electronics, Electromagnetic field analysis
Research Research on power conversion circuits.

EM wave propagation analysis result
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Satoshi Takewaka – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tsukuba), Professor

Major Coastal engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering
Research Remote sensing, field survey and numerical modeling on coastal environments.

Kashimanada Coast observed by ASTER
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Masatoshi Denda (Public Works Research Institute) – Dr.Eng (Nagoya Univ.), Associate Professor

Major River engineering and environmental studies
Research Research on river ecosystem modeling and future prediction of river ecosystem.

Research on river ecosystem modeling and future prediction of river ecosystem.
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Hideaki Monji – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tsukuba), Professor

Monji Hideaki
Major Multi-phase flow engineering, Thermo-fluid engineering
Research Study on characteristics of dispersed two-phase flow : phase distribution of bubbly flow, separation process by centrifugal force for solid-liquid two-phase flow.

複数のカメラを用いた粒子と速度の同時計測システムMOFIA (Moving Object-Flow Image Analyzer)
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Hiroyuki Yoshida (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) – Dr. Eng (Kyushu Univ.), Professor

Major Thermo-fluid engineering, two-phase flow analysis
Research Development of analytical methods for two-phase flow in terms of thermal design of nuclear plant system

Visualization of a simulated two-phase flow in a sub-channel model of nuclear reactor
E-mail yoshida.hiroyuki***@jaea.go.jp (remove ***)

Disaster Control

Takehiko Asai – Ph.D. (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Assistant Professor

Major Structural control
Research Smart structural control system, self-powered vibration control with energy harvesting technologies.

Tuned inertilal mass electromagnetic transducer
E-mail asai***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Daigoro Isobe – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tokyo), Professor

Major Computational mechanics, structural engineering, robotics
Research Numerical and experimental studies on impact and collapse problems of structures, Parallel control of robotic mechanisms considering dynamics and structural strength, Application of computational mechanics and structural engineering essence to robotics.

Blast demolition experimental system
E-mail isobe***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Toshiyuki Kanakubo – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tsukuba), Professor

Major Civil engineering, structual engineering, anti-earthquake engineering
Research Research on seismic behavior of large scale structures. Concrete structures using FRP or high performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composites, development of isolating and controlling techniques for earthquake motions.

Tensil testing on HPFRCC row
E-mail kanakubo***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Gaku Shoji – Dr.Eng (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Professor

Major Risk engineering, structual reliability engineering
Research Structural safety and system reliability assessment for critical lifeline infrastructures such as transportation networks, utilities, and communication networks in view of seismic and tsunami risks, and mathematical modeling of public cognition against functional impairment of critical infrastructures during an event.

A bridge collapsed by Tsunami on Sumatra, 2004
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Mayuko Nishio – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tokyo), Associate Professor

Major Structural engineering, Applied mechanics, Civil engineering
Research Structural health monitoring (SHM), structural dynamics, seismic analysis, data assimilation, and machine learning.

Performance evaluation of existing bridge
E-mail nishio***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Takashi Matsushima -Dr.Eng (Univ. Tokyo), Professor

Major Soil engineering, granular engineering
Research Micro-mechanics of granular and powder materials. Mechanics of liquefaction and debris flow.

Visualization of granular material using laser-aided tomography
E-mail tmatsu***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Naoto Mitsume – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tokyo), Assistant Professor

Major Computational mechanics, Continuum mechanics
Research Development of coupled models and analysis systems for simulation of multi-physics phenomena, Multi-physics simulation for solving real-world problems.

Wave-structure interaction simulation
E-mail mitsume***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Akira Yasojima -Dr.Eng (Univ. Tsukuba), Associate Professor

Major Civil engineering, structual engineering, anti-earthquake engineering
Research Reseach on seismic performance and disaster prevention technology of reinforced concrete structure and structural material with environmental issues, maintenance and recycle technology.

歴史的煉瓦造建物の調査Reseach of Historical Brick Masonry Buildings
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Kyosuke Yamamoto -Dr.Eng (Kyoto Univ.), Assistant Professor

Major Structure engineering
Research SHM(Structure Health Monitoring), Structural design.

Management for civil structures
E-mail yamamoto_k***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Multi-Scale Solid Materials Engineering

Kazuhiro Enami – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tokyo), Associate Professor

E-mail enami.kazuhiro.gp***@u.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)
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Masamichi Kawai – Dr.Eng (Univ. Nagoya), Professor

Major Composite materials and structures, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, energy structure engineering
Research Experimental studies of the deformation, strength and durability (creep, fatigue) of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites in aerospace and new energy structures, and of the inelasticity and damage of high temperature materials in gas turbine engine systems, together with investigations into their engineering modeling and application to numerical design analysis

Plain woven fabric composite
E-mail mkawai***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Yuichi Shintaku – Ph. D. (Eng.) (Tohoku Univ.), Assistant Professor

Major Computational mechanics, material engineering, fracture mechanics
Research Numerical and experimental study on fracture mechanism of materials and its application for structure evaluation

Crack propagation with material degradation due to local chemical action of hydrogen in polycrystalline metals
E-mail shintaku***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Yoshihisa Harada (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) – Dr.Eng(Nagoya Univ.), Professor

Major Materials Science, Damage Evaluation
Research Research and development of materials reliability performance based on damage evaluation for structural and processing components such as electric power plants or transportation.

Multi-purpose materials testing machine and result of damage evaluation
E-mail harada.y***@aist.go.jp (remove ***)

Akihiro Matsuda – Dr.Eng (Univ. Tsukuba), Associate Professor

Major Polymer engineering, mechanical engineering, computational engineering
Research Thermodynamic coupled simulation of mechanical-thermal-chemical properties of vulcanized rubber to evaluate sealing performance and aging behavior of O-rings or rubber-seals. Large deformation analysis of laminated rubber bearings and metal dampers for seismic isolation.

積層ゴムの力学特性試験と解析の結果Diformation of rubber bearing by loading test and numerical simulation
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Tetsuya Matsuda – Dr.Eng (Univ. Nagoya), Associate Professor

Major Solid mechanics, computational mechanics
Research Study of multi-scale simulation techniques. Evaluation of properties of solids which consist of microscopic structures using homogenization theory/FEM.

Multi-scale inelastic analysis of textile composites
E-mail matsuda***@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp (remove ***)

Naoki Morita – Dr. Env. (Univ. Tokyo), Assistant Professor

森田 直樹
Major Computational mechanics, Solid mechanics, High performance computing
Research A study on the strength evaluation method of structures using multi-scale simulation. Development of analysis systems and parallel computing libraries for numerical simulation.

並列計算のための有限要素メッシュの領域分割Domain decomposition for parallel FEM
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