Master's program

Course-related information

Every semester, you will be required to submit a "Course / Research Plan" and a "Competence Calculation Table".See the "Course Content" and "Reports" in the manaba course "Academic Affairs (Structural Energy Engineering)" (we will inform you of the manaba course at the beginning of the year).

Course method・completion requirements

How to take
  1. A total of 30 credits or more must be taken by taking 12 credits of compulsory courses and 18 credits or more of elective courses of the bachelor's program subject group specialized courses.
  2. Completion requirements are to obtain a total of 30 credits or more and pass the examination of the master's thesis and the final examination. The final test is based on achievement evaluation.
  3. The field of specialization is selected from "solid / structural system", "fluid / environment system", and "electricity / energy system".Make a decision after consulting with your academic advisor. Depending on the field selected, the classification of core subjects, quasi-core subjects, etc. of specialized subjects related to achievement evaluation differs.
  4. A total of up to 10 credits can be included in the credits required to complete the course for courses offered by other research groups, specialized basic courses common to academic institutions, and courses common to graduate schools.However, in that case, the consent of the academic advisor shall be obtained in advance, and it shall be stated in the "Course / Research Plan".
  5. Core and quasi-core subjects will be taught in English upon request.
  6. Students enrolled before 2019 must take courses that have a major, not courses that have a degree program.
  7. Check the syllabus of the open courses fromKdB (Curriculum Organization System).





  1. 学位プログラム科目群専門科目の必修科目12単位及び選択科目18単位以上を履修し、計30単位以上を取得すること。
  2. 修了要件は、上記の計30単位以上を取得し、修士論文の審査及び最終試験に合格することである。最終試験は達成度評価による。
  3. 専門分野は、「固体・構造系」「流体・環境系」「電気・エネルギー系」の中から選択する。指導教員とも相談の上、決定すること。選択する分野によって、達成度評価に関わる専門科目のコア科目、準コア科目等の分類が異なる。
  4. 他研究群開設科目、学術院共通専門基盤科目及び大学院共通科目については、合計10単位までを課程修了に必要な取得単位に含めることができる。ただし、その場合には、事前に指導教員の了承を得るものとし、「履修・研究等計画表」に記載する。
  5. コア科目と準コア科目は、要望があれば英語で講義を行う。
  6. 2019年度以前入学生は、学位プログラム開設授業科目ではなく、専攻開設科目を履修のこと。
  7. 開設科目のシラバスは、KdB(教育課程編成システム)より確認すること。