Entrance Exam入試について

For those who wish to study in EME

You can choice Research Student, or you can take the entrance examination directly and become a regular student. In addition, in order to come to Japan and take the entrance examination, a visa (immigration visa) may be required depending on your country, so please be sure to check in advance.

Research Student

Research Student is international student who receives guidance from the prospective supervisor according to the research topic without credits or degrees. You can attend classes with the permission of the instructor in charge of the class.

During Research Student period, you will receive guidance from a supervisor who is close to your desired topic. To do so, you must provide the desired faculty members with necessary information such as research plans and financial plans and obtain their consent before applying.
Please refer to this site of our faculty members and laboratories, and contact the desired professors by e-mail or other methods.

Please refer to here for details on how to obtain and send the application guidelines.

Regular student

If you want to take the graduate school officially, please see "About the entrance examination" .


外国人研究生は、研究課題に沿って指導教員から指導を受ける留学生であり、単位の取得、学位の取得はできません。ただし、授業科目については、授業担当教員からの許可を得て聴講することができます。 研究生期間中、希望するテーマに近い教員の指導を受けます。そのためには、応募前に希望する教員に研究計画や資金の計画など必要な情報を提供し、承諾を得なければなりません。本学位プログラムの教員と研究室のWebページを参照の上、希望する教員にE-mail等で連絡願います。 出願要項等はここを参照願います。