Entrance Exam入試について

Questions for each subject of the entrance examination (Master's Program)

Entrance Examination (Master's Program) (General / August / January - February): Contents of Oral Examination

The range of questions for each subject of the oral examination (individual interview, examination about basic academic ability) is as follows.

Math Analysis (required) Differential method, integral method, series, differential equation, etc.
Linear algebra (required) Linear space, linear map, matrix, vector, etc.
Physics (select one subject) Mechanics Mass point / mass system mechanics, rigid body mechanics, etc.
thermodynamics First law and second law of thermodynamics, free energy and general relational expressions, etc.
Electromagnetism Electric charge, electric field, magnetic field, electric circuit, electromagnetic induction, etc.

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About the assigned laboratory after admission

After notification of acceptance,If you cannot be assigned to the laboratory of your first-choice academic advisor, we will promptly contact you individually.If you do not contact us, you will be assigned to the laboratory of your first-choice academic advisor.


数学 解析(必須) 微分法、積分法、級数、微分方程式 等
線形代数(必須) 線形空間、線形写像、行列、ベクトル 等
物理(1科目を選択) 力学 質点・質点系の力学、剛体の力学 等
熱力学 熱力学の第一法則・第二法則、自由エネルギーと一般関係式 等
電磁気学 電荷、電界、磁界、電気回路、電磁誘導 等

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